Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Bible -- why stop talking about it?!?

Hey loves. We said we'd blog, so I'm bloggin'!!! I just wanted to tell you guys (or shall I say girls) about my church service this morning. First of all, I missed seeing your lovely faces and going to brunch after! Secondly, I really really missed the music at Campus Ministries, but it was good to hear my pastor again. He's grrrrreat. Anyway, the service was about how important doctrine is, and how important it is that we don't stray from the teachings of God's word. The point was there are a lot of false teachings out there, so we need to be able to discern what's right from what is wrong. Thankfully, we all have the bible for ourselves to help us do this. We don't have to rely just on what others say. But my pastor mentioned, God doesn't call us to just be skeptics and freak out and analyze whether or not every word we hear is correct, but he calls us to be experts of God's words so that we already know the truth for ourselves! He used a great analogy; counterfeit money. Counterfeit money changes every day. So people do not study counterfeit money to learn what it looks like...they study REAL money so it will be obvious when something is different. This is how we need to be with God's word. We need to know it WELL! So it is important that we are in the word, reading it daily for ourselves. So I want you all to help hold me accountable for this. I want to be in God's word every day this summer, studying it out. It sounds overwhelming right now, but I know it will be a blessing and I will learn a lot. I should not take the bible for granted. So many people do not have their own copy. It's an amazing gift, God's word!!! LOVE YOU ALL like MAD. xoxo -Kirsten